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  • The Engadget Interview: Mark Setrakian of Syfy's Robot Combat League (video)

    For Michael

    From the latest harbinger of the robopocalypse from Boston Dynamics to more friendly looking machines like Romo, Engadget has a longstanding love affair with all forms of robots. Syfy channel’s newest show, Robot Combat League (RCL), has provided us with twelve new objects of robotic affection –and the best part is, we get to watch them destroy each other in gladiatorial fashion. RCL isn’t the first show to have ‘bots do battle on TV, of course, but it is the first to have the robots be humanoid avatars that mimic the movements of the people operating them. Mark Setrakian is the man who designed and built the dozen robots on the show, and we recently got the opportunity to chat with him about how he did it.

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  • Animal Planet critter livestreams arrive on Samsung Smart TVs, coming to Roku and Xbox Live

    Animal Planet critter livestreams arrive on Samsung Smart TVs, coming to Roku and Xbox Live

    Say goodbye to the passé virtual aquarium. Animal Planet has launched a collection of 11 HD 24/7 Ustream-powered live streams under the banner Animal Planet L!VE, which feature animals ranging from beluga whales to cockroaches. The free critter footage is already being piped to APL.tv and Samsung Smart TVs Viewers can choose between watching ants, calves, chicks, cockroaches, beluga whales, fish swimming about in a pacific coral reef, kittens, penguins, puppies, sea nettles and wild birds. In case catching them on your smart TV or browser weren’t enough, the cable channel’s creature casts are coming to Roku and Xbox Live “in the coming months.”

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  • US Cellular now letting you sample its network without signing a contract

    DNP US Cellular lets you sample its network before signing a contract

    Taking a play-before-you-pay approach, for a limited time, US Cellular is giving prospective customers the option to try its network without committing to a service agreement. This offer is available in select markets, including Eureka, CA, Klamath Falls, OR and Knoxville, TN. While this may sound similar to what most carriers offer, the differences here are that you’re not required to sign a service contract and that you don’t have to pay for any equipment. Instead, US Cellular provides a loaner device (the Motorola Electrify M, Samsung Chrono 2 or Samsung Galaxy Metrix) for eight days with an allotment of 500 minutes, 500 texts and 1GB of data. While this program doesn’t feature the most elite handsets, it does give potential patrons a preview of the regional carrier without having to exchange any vows.

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  • Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows to boast OpenCL support

    Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows to boast OpenCL support

    Premiere Pro has already been tearing through video with OpenCL on Macs for a year, and now AMD and Adobe have teamed up to bring support for the open standard to Windows with the software’s next version. Not only does the duo claim it’s the first time Microsoft’s OS has been graced with hardware-accelerated video editing using OpenCL, but they boast that exporting video replete with effects from a source to a final format can now be done up to 4.3 times faster. There’s no word on when the fresh release of Premiere Pro will arrive, but if it’s any consolation, Adobe says it’s set to unveil some “incredible enhancements” to its video editing tools at NAB next week.

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