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  • AMD roadmap shows Steamroller-based Opterons on track for 2013

    AMD roadmap puts Steamroller chips on track for 2013

    AMD gave us a tease of its next-generation Steamroller architecture in 2012, but things weren’t looking good for pro users when the initial timeline had current-generation Piledriver technology as the focus for Opterons in 2013. Thanks to a newer investor presentation, there’s a glimmer of hope for the workstation and server users among us. Its roadmap shows Steamroller-equipped Opteron variants arriving this year, with an Excavator follow-up coming at an undetermined point in the future. There’s nothing about specific timelines and models, as you might imagine — AMD isn’t going to spoil its plans quite so readily — but the presentation reminds us that Steamroller will put an emphasis on the parallelism that’s oh so vital to high-end computing. We’re mostly glad to hear that IT backrooms will have something genuinely new to play with while we’re off enjoying its Kaveri counterpart at home.

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    Via: X-bit Labs, TechEye

    Source: AMD (PDF)

  • Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 5:30PM ET

    Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 530PM ET

    It’s Monday, and you know what that means; another Engadget HD Podcast. We hope you will join us live when the Engadget HD podcast starts recording at 5:30PM. If you’ll be joining us, be sure to go ahead and get ready by reviewing the list of topics after the break, then you’ll be ready to participate in the live chat.

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  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 LTE hits AT&T retail on April 5th with a $249 contract option

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 89 with LTE reaching AT&T retail stores April 5th

    Have you eyed the LTE version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9, yet remained skittish about buying such a relatively expensive tablet sight-unseen? AT&T is now willing to accommodate you: stop by an AT&T retail store from April 5th onward and you can pick up a 32GB model in person. The carrier is also offering an alternative purchase model. The $399 contract-free purchase is still available for those who want their freedom, but the initial price can drop to $249 for anyone willing to sign a two-year contract for a data plan. While either is still a lot of money to throw at Amazon’s ecosystem, it’s good to know that we can at least minimize the qualms surrounding an impulse purchase.

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    Source: AT&T

  • Amazon Cloud Drive tacks on file syncing, flexes its digital storage muscle

    DNP Amazon steps its game up, adds file sync to Cloud Drive

    After nearly a year on the market, Amazon has finally blessed its Cloud Drive apps for Windows and Mac with a file syncing folder. Starting today, users can access their documents, music and photos across multiple computers — a feature that we’ve seen from the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive for quite some time. While this feature is far from groundbreaking, it does manage to make Amazon’s service a respectable alternative to cloud storage’s reigning heavy hitters. Toss in its 5GB of free storage and Cloud Drive could become a worthy contender for those who are looking for a new or additional place to house their digital collections.

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    Via: The Verge

    Source: Amazon

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