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  • Pop-up Gmail compose now default whether you like it or not

    Popup Gmail compose now default whether you like it or not

    When Google soft launched its new Gmail composer last October, it did so in a preview release that gave users the option to test it out and turn it off. Not so anymore, because starting today that resizable, pop-up window is now the default interface for its web Gmail client. The widespread change was apparently spurred by abundant positive feedback from users that found the new layout bolstered multitasking — a claim we’re not entirely sold on. Regardless of your feelings towards this permanent switch, it’s headed your way soon and should finish rolling out “over the next few days.” So, turn and face the change, people — it’s not like you have a choice.

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  • Apple updates Find My Friends with new UI, more in-depth location controls

    Apple's Find My Friends app updated with more indepth

    We haven’t seen many changes to Apple’s location-based Find My Friends app since it debuted on iOS 5 more than a year ago. Cupertino must have realized it’s time for an update; the company just overhauled the feature to include a new UI and more accurate location-based alerts. The app will now let you define the distance from a location for receiving notifications — so you can get a ping when a friend arrives at the campus library rather than the dorms, for instance. The redesigned app also simplifies the notification process to fit on one page, with options to receive alerts when your friends arrive at or leave a specific place, along with settings for notifying others based on your location. The update is available now for users running iOS 6.1 or later.

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  • OUYA available at retail on June 4 for $99

    OUYA available at retail on June 4 for TKTK DNP

    The Android-powered $99 OUYA game console becomes available at retail on June 4th — a date which was revealed this week during the Game Developers Conference. OUYA’s calling June 4th its “official launch date,” despite Kickstarter backers receiving units starting this month. Essentially, the two month waiting period between Kickstarter boxes and retail availability is being used as a consumer beta, giving OUYA time to adjust its software after getting feedback from early adopters.

    It’s not clear if bundles will be available, but the game console itself and a controller (as well as power and HDMI cables, plus two AA batteries for the controller) are included in the $99 package. Major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others are on board, so it shouldn’t be too hard locating one in June should your interested be piqued — and yes, pre-orders are available. Of course, it’s a pretty small little game console, so it might be a bit tough locating the thing with your eyes.

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