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  • Microsoft demos improvements to Bing voice recognition for Windows Phone

    Microsoft working on prototype Bing app for Windows Phone with improved speech recognition, less latency

    “Nothing says fun like a speech demo.” Those are the words of Microsoft’s CTSO Eric Rudder, not ours — although we do have to agree. As you’ll see for yourself in the video after the break, Microsoft held a private event for its employees a few weeks ago showcasing some of the advancements it’s achieved with Bing’s voice search for Windows Phone. Thanks to the work of MS’ Research arm and the folks at Advanced Technology Group, voice recognition accuracy on a prototype build has now been improved by up to 15-percent on the back end and should even see a further 10- to 15-percent performance boost. In addition to this decreased error rate, the team’s also greatly enhanced the speed at which the app delivers relevant results. So when can you expect this new and improved Bing app for WP? That part’s unclear, but it appears Microsoft’s already implementing changes on the back end to bolster current use.

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  • Apple updates iOS Podcasts app with new design, custom stations

    Apple overhauls iOS Podcasts app, adds custom stations

    There’s been few Apple iOS apps that have garnered more complaints than the company’s Podcasts app (outside of Maps, at least), and it looks like it’s now finally taken some of those criticisms into consideration with the latest update (version 1.2). That includes the overly-stylized design, which has been ditched in favor of a simpler approach that’s more in line with the iTunes app (including a far more basic player interface). Along with those changes come some new features like custom stations, which are each stored in iCloud and updated automatically, and so-called On-The-Go playlists that’ll let you load up any individual episodes you like. You can find the app itself and the full list of changes now in the App Store.

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  • LG E980 arrives in the FCC’s database with LTE: is this the Optimus G Pro for AT&T?

    LG E980 arrives in the FCC's database with LTE is this the Optimus G Pro for AT&T

    It’s reported that the E980 is LG’s codename for the Optimus G Pro (considering that the E970 is the Optimus G), and while we’ve already reviewed the global variant, it sure looks as if AT&T is setting itself up to carry the handset here in the US of A. Arriving in the FCC’s database today is the item you see above, replete with LTE bands that match AT&T’s profile. Assuming it’s the G Pro, AT&T loyalists can get ready for a 5.5-inch, 1080p display, one of the fastest mobile processors on the planet, 2GB of RAM and a Jelly Bean-infused edition of Android. The only remaining questions? When, where, how much, and in what color.

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