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  • GarageBand for iOS gets Audiobus support, plays nicely with other apps

    GarageBand for iOS enables Audiobus support, plays nicely with other music apps

    Still haven’t found the sound you’re looking for in Apple’s iOS GarageBand offering? The newly released version 1.4 broadens the music app’s horizons, thanks to Audiobus compatibility, letting it work alongside titles like Animoog, ThumbJam, Samplr and pretty much all of Korg’s iPhone offerings. Sounds created on those apps can now record directly into GarageBand — assuming, of course you’re using it on an iPhone 4S, 5th-gen iPod touch, iPad 2 or later. You can pick up the latest version of the app in the source link below.

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    Source: iTunes

  • Windows Embedded 8 Industry scheduled for release first week of April

    Windows Embedded 8

    Two short months after issuing a Release Preview, Microsoft’s fully realized Windows Embedded 8 is ready for the POS terminals it helps to operate. The OS, heavily utilized across healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries, (and mostly ignored by the mainstream) will be made available for download the first week of April, allowing businesses to leverage Microsoft’s various services, as well as the abstract “Internet of Things” — whatever that means. And to help educate industry partners as to the advantages of its Embedded platform, Microsoft’s also created a series of informative videos for interested parties to peruse. So, if you’re unclear where Windows Embedded 8 fits into your business, or you just want to know what it actually does, hit up the source while you wait for that Spring release.

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    Source: Microsoft

  • Google Keep note taking service officially launches on web and Android (video)

    Google Keep note taking website and Android app launch along with an intro video

    The Google Keep note taking service that leaked out a few days ago has officially launched. There’s a website and an Android app for now, and a post on the Google Drive blog it’s intended for users to quickly jot down ideas. They’re saved on Google Drive — which probably explains why this exists instead of the axed Google Notebook service — and on Android 4.2.2 there’s a lock screen widget available for even easier access. Check after the break for a trailer explaining the new service’s features, or just hit the links below to try it out for yourself to see if it can best alternatives like Evernote. That is, is if you can get in. While it was working for us initially, many are seeing “error encountered” messages now as the masses flood the service.

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    Source: Google Drive blog, Google Keep, Google Play

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