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  • Alfred v2 brings Workflows, automates what Automator might not

    Alfred v2 brings Workflows, automates what Automator might not

    Anyone who’s heavily invested in the Mac ecosystem knows Automator, a built-in tool that can string together multiple computing actions without having to know a lick of code. Some of us may want a little more power, or just a different variety of power — which is where the recently launched Alfred 2.0 comes in. Those who buy the £15 ($23) Powerpack can take advantage of Workflows, which relies on an Automator-like concept of linking simple actions to run complicated tasks. They can be more ornate than you’d expect, however: for a start, you can run multiple app-specific tasks in parallel, such as telling Chrome to search YouTube, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes the moment you type in a movie keyword. It’s equally possible to feed results back to Alfred, launch scripts and trigger notifications (whether Mountain Lion’s or Growl’s), among other feats. Should you demand control that sits just outside of Apple’s boundaries, Alfred is waiting at the source link; anyone who just wants its core launcher functionality can grab the app for free.

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  • XBMC team starts work on version 13 ‘Gotham’, breaks down new UPnP, Android updates

    XBMC team starts work on version 13 'Gotham', breaks down new UPnP, Android updates

    Just because XBMC 12 Frodo has been officially released we wouldn’t expect the team behind the media PC software to take too long of a break. In fact, in a blog post it’s announced plans to return to a monthly development cycle, as well as a code name for version 13 of the software: Gotham. While we wait for the next official release to arrive, the February build features improvements to UPnP with a “Play Using…” push server feature that should be familiar if you’ve used Play To on Windows for example. also new are Android fixes that let it rotate in any direction, and control the device’s native audio. there are other changes as well, which can be reviewed beyond the source link, along with test versions for your preferred platform.

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  • Editor’s Letter: The familiar 4

    In each issue of Distro, editor-in-chief Tim Stevens publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

    Editor's Letter BlackBerry takes over

    Another week, another mega Android smartphone release! This time it’s Samsung’s eagerly awaited Galaxy S 4. Yes, we’ve lost the Roman numerals, as their marketing certainly hinted, but otherwise, not a lot has changed. In fact, even we experts, trained in the art of cellphone identification, are going to have a hard time telling the difference between this new Galaxy S and its predecessor from a distance.


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