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  • Google My Tracks update brings Drive integration and a lock screen widget

    Google gives My Tracks athletes Drive integration and a lock screen widget

    Cyclists and runners with Android phones have had a rare first-party option for keeping tabs on their performance through Google’s My Tracks, but the app hasn’t been entirely in step with those who upgrade their OS as quickly as they barrel down the street. It’s back on pace with a quiet update: My Tracks now has a customizable lock screen widget for Android 4.2 users who want to know their distance or speed details at a glance. Whether or not you’re running the latest and greatest Android version, the upgrade will sync finished tracks with Google Drive for safekeeping and sharing; extra-competitive types can also import KML files and view others’ tracks for comparisons. Hit the source link if time (or simple oneupmanship) is of the essence.

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  • Makerbot and Adafruit selling special edition 3D printer: Raspberry Pi, other kits included

    Makerbot and Adafruit selling special edition 3D printer: Raspberry Pi, other kits included

    We honestly hadn’t given it much thought, but now that it’s been brought to our attention, Makerbot and Adafruit really do make an awesome duo. Think about it: one makes 3D printers, the other sells Arduino boards and pretty much everything else a tinkerer could possibly want. So it makes sense that the two companies are teaming up on something: we just word they’ve started selling a limited edition version of Makerbot’s Replicator 2 3D printer, which will come bundled with three DIY kits you’d normally buy on a site like Adafruit. These include the Raspberry Pi, which you all know very well, along with the Timesquare DIY Watch Kit and MintyBoost, the open-source hardware charger.

    You might wonder why someone might need all that in one box, but the idea is that you can use the printer to create the sorts of custom parts that don’t necessarily come with the kits — something like a band to go with your Timesquare watch, or a case for the MintyBoost. All told, you’ll need $2,296 before you can make this your next impulse buy. Don’t get too put off by the price, though — the Replicator 2 by itself would cost $2,199 without any kits included.

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  • OS X 10.8.3 update arrives with official Boot Camp support for Windows 8

    We’ve some good news to share for Mountain Lion users: OS X 10.8.3 is now available for download. As you’d expect, the new software brings a number of fixes and enhancements, but in a delicious twist of irony, the most substantial may very well be for Windows users. That’s because version 10.8.3 introduces official support for Boot Camp with Windows 8, and it also brings compatibility for Boot Camp on Macs with hard drives larger than 3TB. Meanwhile, OS X users will benefit from Safari 6.0.3 and the ability to redeem iTunes gift cards in the Mac App Store by using the built-in iSight camera. OS X 10.8.3 is also said to resolve an audio stutter issue for 2011 iMacs and correct any unresponsive plugins that Logic Pro users might’ve noticed. You’ll find the complete list of improvements after the break, but while you read, you might wanna dig into that Apple menu and get downloading.

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