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  • WhatsApp lands on BlackBerry 10, offers Z10 owners a BBM alternative

    WhatsApp lands on BlackBerry 10, offers BBM alternative

    Back at the Z10’s launch, BlackBerry revealed that WhatsApp, along with a host of other third party applications, would be headed to its BB 10 platform. And as of today, the company’s actually delivered on that promise, giving Z10 owners an open alternative to its BBM service. The messaging app, natively built for BB 10, brings with it support for push notifications, as well as integration with BlackBerry Contacts, thus eliminating the need to manually re-enter phone numbers. It’s live in the BlackBerry World store now, so go ahead and grab it at the source below or download it direct from your Z10.

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    Source: BlackBerry World

  • Veronica Mars movie looks for crowdfunding, would have digital copies near release (video)

    Veronica Mars movie aims for crowdfunding, would have digital copies days after release video

    There’s been no shortage of movie projects that lean on crowdfunding to get production underway. Producing a movie based on a major TV series like Veronica Mars, however? That’s fresh. Creator Rob Thomas has obtained support from Warner Bros. and lead actress Kristen Bell for a Kickstarter funding drive that, if it hits its $2 million goal, will shoot a full-length Veronica Mars feature this summer with a premiere around early 2014. Pledge makers would be rewarded with anything from a copy of the script through to a speaking role in the title. To us, the real highlight is the planned release strategy — like an increasing number of movies, we’d be watching digital copies “within a few days” of the opening, rather than months. While Thomas and crew can’t declare the fundraiser over until April 12th, it’s advancing quickly enough that the focus is less on whether or not the project will go forward and more on its chances at becoming an internet-backed blockbuster.

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    Source: Kickstarter

  • Gmail lets you add .ics calendar events directly to GCal with a single click

    Gmail lets you add ics calendar events directly to GCal with a single click

    In a move that’ll likely have event planners and meeting organizers around the world leaping for joy, Gmail has just announced that you can directly add .ics calendar attachments to your Google Calendar without having to download and import them manually. Google’s email service will automatically detect the event in question and display an “Add to Google Calendar” button as seen above. Just click that, and it’ll be added instantly — no muss, no fuss. The created GCal events will even link back to the original email in case you need it. The feature is available right now, so feel free to test it by sending out attachment invitations. Hopefully to an event that’s not already sold out.

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    Source: Gmail (G+)

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