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  • Switched On: Tablets offer a new choice for voice

    Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

    DNP Switched On Tablets offer a new choice for voice

    The term “phablet” has always been, at best, a relative descriptor. It kicked in with the release of the original Galaxy Note even though the voice-enabled Dell Streak had beaten that product to market. And while the portmanteau raises the question of whether there is any meaningful difference between a phone and tablet other than size, all it means is “a big phone.”

    Up until recently, and barring the use of Bluetooth headsets, the constraints defining the upper practical limit of a phone included the ability to fit into a pocket and be held against the side of an (adult) head to facilitate a voice call. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, two companies smashed through at least the first of those criteria. Twisting the name of the PadFone, which extended the screen of a handset to that of a 10-inch tablet by use of a touchscreen shell enclosure, ASUS introduced the FonePad.

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  • BlackBerry Q10 prototype caught in the wild with a rubberized back

    BlackBerry Q10 prototype caught in the wild, shows a rubber back that might have been

    When we put our mitts on the official BlackBerry Q10 design in January, it carried a “glass weave” back that was meant to convey a premium feel, not to mention give Bold 9900 series owners a sense of continuity. The crew at Genk have snagged a pre-production example that teases what could have been. Their black device has the same grippy, rubberized back as the Z10, suggesting that BlackBerry was at least experimenting with using the same extra-practical (if less refined) material up until the unveiling. What else do we learn? While we wouldn’t want to judge the user experience from a prototype, the look reminds us that there should be a 2,100mAh battery inside — a big boost over the Z10’s 1,800mAh pack, especially when there’s a smaller screen involved. If only we didn’t have to wait until later in spring to try the finished product.

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    Via: CrackBerry

    Source: Genk (translated)

  • TI shows off LaunchPad-based prototype mouse, hints at a big followup

    TI shows off LaunchPadbased prototype mouse, hints at a big followup

    If you’ve been needing a little inspiration for your next TI LaunchPad project, look no further than the company itself. Texas Instruments set up shop in the maker tent across from the Austin Convention Center this week, showing off creations built atop its line of microcontrollers. The rep we spoke with was particularly excited about this mouse hack that the company put together in a few hours, while getting ready for SXSW. The creation utilizes the Stellaris board’s accelerometers to control the cursor of a windows machine on X, Y, Z axes, via USB.

    The project is more than just a hack, according to the company — it’s actually a prototype of something it’s set to unveil later this year. No specifics on that front, but TI promised a ‘big surprise.” In the meantime, you can check out video of the project after the break.

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