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  • Editor’s Letter: Expand gets expanded

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    Editor's Letter BlackBerry takes over

    Another week gone by and another week closer to the unveiling of the next Android superphone: the Samsung Galaxy S IV. We’re days away from the event where it will debut to the world and, somewhat predictably, we’re starting to see some leaks of bits and pieces about the phone’s functionality — though nothing as concrete as showing the thing itself just yet.


  • IntuiLab shows a tool to build Leap Motion apps, no coding chops required (video)

    IntuiLab shows a tool to build Leap Motion apps, no coding chops required video

    It’s entirely possible to build motion aware apps if you’ve got the know-how to wield a tool like the Kinect SDK. But what about the rest of us? IntuiLab may have the solution through an upcoming version of IntuiFace Presentation. The Windows software will let would-be developers create gesture-driven apps for the rapidly approaching Leap Motion controller using a simple trigger system. The results are self-evident in the video after the break: a basic app can react to finger pointing and swipes with comparatively little effort. While we’re not expecting any music games or other truly sophisticated releases, the updated IntuiFace could give us at least one avenue for our creativity when it launches in sync with the controller itself.

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  • Neo N003 may deliver a 1080p smartphone for $145, but don’t expect miracles

    Neo N003 may deliver a 1080p smartphone for $145, we wouldn't expect miracles

    Neo is known for building smartphones with price tags so low that a Nexus 4 would seem like a luxury. If GizChina‘s contact (and convenient product render) is accurate, that bang-for-the-buck ratio may grow especially wide in the near future. The N003 will supposedly include a 5-inch, 1080p display and a quad-core processor for a target price of ¥899 ($145) in China for a basic Youth version, and ¥1,499 ($241) for a Premium model — both big deals for the size, we’d reckon. However, there’s little doubt that the N003 at those prices would be slower than a truly high-end phone like the HTC Butterfly, especially considering its pedigree. The N002 uses a MediaTek chip and just 4GB of storage, and earlier rumors have the N003 using MediaTek’s frugal MT6589 alongside either 8GB or 32GB of space for its respective trim levels. Neo hasn’t confirmed the details as of yet, let alone set expectations. Any alignment between the claims and reality could nonetheless see the N003 punching well above its weight, even if most Americans would never feel the impact.

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