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  • ComScore: Apple strengthens lead as top US handset maker in early 2013, Android takes a small hit

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    The latest numbers from ComScore show Apple strengthening its lead as the top US handset maker, with the iPhone nabbing an estimated 37.8 percent of the market as of January 2013. That’s a 3.5-point boost from October of last year, putting healthy distance between Cupertino and the number-two smartphone maker, Samsung. That’s not to say the Korean giant hasn’t grown as well; its estimated 21.4-percent slice of the pie is up a more modest 1.9 points.

    Apple’s growth on the hardware front naturally has implications on the software side, and indeed this is the first time Android took a hit while iOS grew. According to the survey, Google’s OS still maintains a healthy 52.3 percent compared to Apple’s 37.8, but it’s down 1.3 points while iOS saw a small boost. Where does that leave BlackBerry, Windows Phone and the rest of the gang? Pretty far behind — as you can see for yourself in the chart below the break.

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    Source: ComScore

  • Chicago court rules Google not responsible for unflattering search results

    Chicago court rules Google not responsible for unflattering search resultsEveryone googles themselves at some point — even the people who say they don’t. But if you don’t like what you see when that search box offers possible queries linked to your name, don’t go suing Google. The search giant is officially not to blame. That’s the official ruling handed down by the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago today which found Google not at fault for a search result linking Wisconsin resident Beverly Stayart’s name to ads for Levitra (a male erectile dysfunction drug). According to Reuters, presiding Judge Ann Claire Williams deemed the search result an exception to the state’s misappropriation laws due to its incidental nature (Stayart is a poet and animal rights advocate). The case marks the second courtroom loss for Stayart who had originally leveled the same charges against Yahoo. Unfortunately for Stayart, the buzz from news like this will only help promote the “scandalous” search results she so badly wants erased.

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    Source: Reuters

  • DOJ lets waiting period expire on T-Mobile / MetroPCS merger, hints it’s good to go

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    We’re sure that MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA executives were on pins and needles wondering whether or not their proposed merger would clear all the regulatory hurdles. While they’re not officially free and clear, the Department of Justice has given a strong hint that the carrier union will go through. The government branch just let the mandatory waiting period expire without raising any objections; if it had thought there were serious antitrust issues, it would have piped up by now. Before anyone pops the champagne corks, though, there’s still a number of formalities — the Committee on Foreign Investment, the FCC and the companies’ shareholders still need to sign off on the deal, which could take weeks or longer. Considering the troubles T-Mobile had the last time it tried a merger, though, waiting will seem like a walk in the park.

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    Source: CNET

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