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  • Nokia Lumia 928 possibly seen in Verizon’s system, spoils few surprises

    Nokia Lumia 928 possibly seen in Verizon's system, doesn't reveal much more

    We know that Verizon is adding at least one more Nokia Lumia to its stable in the near future. However, there’s been little in tangible evidence to suggest just what’s coming to the carrier’s Windows Phone line. A purported leak to Phone Arena from Verizon’s internal product listings could help fill in that picture. It mentions a Lumia 928, and not much else — but Nokia’s naming customs immediately suggest that this will be Big Red’s rumored variant of the Lumia 920, which is currently limited to AT&T in the US. The device isn’t necessarily connected to the RM-860 we saw at the FCC, although it does support murmurs that Verizon wants at least some kind of improvement over the strictly middling Lumia 822. If the 928 is real, we’re mostly left wondering whether or not it will come quickly enough to remain relevant.

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  • Steelcase Gesture chair adjusts to support our smartphone slump (video)

    Steelcase Gesture chair supports our smartphone slump

    As advanced as office chairs can be, they’re still based on one increasingly bad assumption: that we’re sitting upright in front of a traditional computer. Steelcase’s upcoming Gesture chair at last acknowledges that we’re living in a world of smartphones and tablets. Its back and seat shift in tandem to maintain support in any number of real-world postures, whether it’s leaning back to check text messages or curling up for an e-book. The armrests are equally flexible to save us from the added strain that comes from holding a gadget in-hand. As long as habitual mobile device users can wait until the fall release, and aren’t worried about the eventual price, the Gesture might literally have their backs.

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  • Evernote issues site-wide password reset after hackers access user details

    Evernote issues site-wide password reset after hackers access user details

    Popular cross-platform note-storing service Evernote has revealed in a blog post that it has been the subject of hacking attacks. The operations and security team is keen to point out that there is no evidence that any stored notes and content was accessed, but that some user information — including passwords and emails — were. The data breached does benefit from one-way encryption (hashed and salted), but the firm is issuing a site-wide password reset just in case. In short, all users of the site will be required to set a new password, and are advised to log-in as soon as possible to do so. For more details and updates, we suggest keeping a close eye on Evernote’s official blog and twitter. Both of which can be found below.

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    Source: Evernote Blog, Evernote (Twitter)

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