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  • LG demos Optimus G TD-LTE prototype, promises LTE lineup for China Mobile

    LG demonstrates Optimus G TDLTE prototype, promises range of LTE smartphones for China Mobile

    Today at Mobile World Congress, LG demoed a modified Optimus G that supports China Mobile’s forthcoming TD-LTE network, but just as weighty as the demonstration, the manufacturer also revealed that it’ll provide a full line of TD-LTE devices for the world’s largest mobile operator. While LG wasn’t able to nail down a specific date, it’s currently shooting for the second half of this year in order to compliment China Mobile’s TD-LTE rollout. Along with the Optimus G, it seems a safe bet that the two companies will be evaluating new smartphones such as the Optimus F7 and F5, along with the Optimus L7II and L5II as candidates to make the leap into the world of TD-LTE. Inquiring minds will find the full presser after the break.

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  • Apple agrees to settle lawsuit over in-app purchases made by children

    Apple agrees to settle lawsuit over inapp purchases made by children

    Looks like Apple’s set to put an end to the 2011 in-app purchase class action lawsuit filed on behalf of those whose children were spending a Smurphy amount of their money without account holder permission. According to the settlement, Apple could wind up giving a $5 gift certificate to upwards of 23 million customers. In matters where purchases total $30 or more, cash refunds may be awarded. The suit claims that Apple “failed to adequately disclose” the presence of in-app purchases in titles targeted at children, an issue Apple has since address by requiring passwords to be entered when making in-app purchases.


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  • Cablevision files antitrust suit against Viacom over programming bundling

    Cablevision files antitrust suit against Viacom over programming bundling practices

    Fan of channels such as CMT, VH1 Classic and Teen Nick? Cablevision is assuming that’s a negatory. Today, the cable provider filed a federal antitrust suit against Viacom over the content distributor’s programming bundling practices, which are alleged as anti-competitive. The lawsuit revolves around Viacom’s insistence that ancillary networks be included in programming agreements in order to gain distribution rights to more popular networks such as Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central. While the complaint itself remains under seal, Cablevision is arguing abuse of power in the lawsuit, which if successful, could have rippling effects throughout the pay-TV industry.

    Cablevision is seeking declaratory relief that would void the two companies’ programming contract (inked just this past December), along with a permanent injunction against Viacom’s practice and the ability to carry Viacom programming until a new contract can be negotiated. Meanwhile, Viacom has asserted that it’ll vigorously defend the lawsuit, and maintains that its practice is “win-win and pro-consumer” in the sense that its niche networks are offered at discounts. It seems that we can look forward to both companies butting heads for a while to come.

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