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  • SpiderSense ultrasonic radar suit lets you know when danger is near

    SpiderSense suit lets you know when danger is near

    Know that feeling when someone wanders too far into your personal space? The University of Illinois‘ Victor Mateevitsi does, which is why he’d built a suit that does the job to a far greater degree of accuracy. SpiderSense is a onesie that uses a series of microphones to rend and receive ultrasonic signals from the space around you, like high frequency radar. When the outfit senses something approaching, a robotic arm corresponding to the microphone exerts pressure on your skin, pointing you in the direction of the danger. Mateevitsi tested the gear by blindfolding researchers and asking them to throw a cardboard ninja star whenever (and wherever) they sensed a threat — with positive results 95 percent of the time. SpiderSense will get its first public showing at Stuttgart’s Augmented Human conference in March and it’s hoped that the hardware will eventually help Blind people get around easier.

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  • Facebook’s main app for iOS adds free voice calls inside North America

    Facebook calling

    Facebook has been spreading voice messaging throughout its mobile apps for awhile, but it’s clear the Palo Alto crew is no longer happy leaving interaction to canned speeches. Following a quiet rollout of live voice calls to Facebook Messenger earlier in the year, a version 5.5 update to Facebook’s core iOS app is giving social networkers a similar chance to talk to each other for free. The only stipulations are that users have the bandwidth to burn and live in either the US or Canada. Otherwise, the interface and functionality are dead ringers for the Messenger equivalents we tried in January. There’s still no word on when full voice calls will reach Android or other platforms, although they typically get feature parity before too long.

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  • HTC settles with the FTC over claims of insecurities in logging software

    HTC settles with the FTC over claims of insecurities in logging software

    Much of the firestorm surrounding remote phone diagnostics in late 2011 ultimately enveloped Carrier IQ and the providers that used it, but HTC was also scorched by accusations that its phones’ software flaws (including in HTC Loggers) made privacy breaches possible. The FTC went so far as to level charges against the company for allegedly not doing enough to secure software. That saga may be winding to a close now that HTC’s American division has agreed to settle the whole affair. The smartphone designer has to do more than just deliver patches, which it already has — it’s now required to run a “comprehensive” security program to weed out flaws in advance, and it will be the subject of outside assessments every other year for the next 20 years. As tough as those conditions may seem, they’re easier than dealing with fines or stiffer penalties. They’ll hopefully prevent repeats of any privacy scares as well, even if the real-world risk has been slight.

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