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  • Vizio Co-Star update brings new Google TV UI, native Amazon and Vudu

    Vizio CoStar update brings Google TV's voice search and YouTube pairing

    Vizio’s Co-Star hub is still one of the cheapest points of entry into the Google TV world, so it’s comforting to see the set-top box getting an update — albeit somewhat behind Google’s own pace. The previously promised release mostly focuses on giving it the third-generation Google TV interface, including the mini-guide, YouTube pairing and (through a future Android app update) voice-guided search. Viewers on the prowl for more content get a few additional perks through new apps for M-Go and Vudu video streaming, as well as a truly native Amazon Instant Video app. Should Vizio’s tiny media center inhabit your living room, you can expect the upgrade to arrive over the air within the next few weeks.

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  • Facebook says it was target of ‘sophisticated attack,’ no user data said to be compromised

    It looks like you can add another big name to the recent string of high-profile hacking attempts. Facebook announced in a blog post today that it discovered last month that it had been targeted in what’s being described as a “sophisticated attack,” which it says “occurred when a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website that was compromised.” Facebook further pinpoints the attack to a previously unseen zero-day exploit that bypassed the Java sandbox and installed malware on the computers in question. The company goes on to note that it immediately notified Oracle of the exploit, which issued a patch on February 1st.

    Facebook is also quick to point out that it has “found no evidence that Facebook user data was compromised,” and adds that it was not alone in the attack, noting that it began to share information about the hack with other companies and entities as soon as it discovered it, and that it continues to work with law enforcement and others affected by the attack. You can find its full explanation of the matter at the source link.


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  • NOVA’s Earth From Space documentary shows a super-connected planet (video)

    NOVA's Earth From Space documentary shows us our connected planet from above video

    We’ve already had a meteorite shower to remind us that Earth is just a small part of a much, much larger universe. If that wasn’t enough perspective for you, PBS is offering a follow-up through NOVA‘s newly streaming “Earth From Space” documentary. The two-hour show illustrates how our planet’s individual climates and ecosystems are really part of one larger unit, with ripple effects that we didn’t always anticipate until an abundance of earth observation satellites made them clear. You’ll have to be an American to watch before the documentary, at least before it arrives in disc form on April 2nd. Every Earth citizen can still watch the trailer after the break.

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