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  • Tesla vs. The Times: What one review means for the future of auto news

    It’s been hard to miss, this brouhaha that’s been boiling over between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and The New York Times — specifically with reporter John M. Broder. Broder published a piece over the weekend called “Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway” in which he panned the Model S for inaccurate range estimates and drastically reduced range in cold weather. In fact, about the only thing he didn’t hate was the tow truck driver who was ultimately dispatched to pick up he and the charge-depleted Tesla he had been driving through Connecticut.

    Musk, likely still stinging from an even more vitriolic 2011 takedown by Top Gear, was quick to take to Twitter and call the article “fake.” He later backed that up with comprehensive data logs recorded, apparently, without Broder’s knowledge. That data, at least at surface value, shows the Times piece is at best misleading — at worst libelous.

    Case closed? Oh no, this is just beginning. In posting this data, and in chastising Broder’s driving habits, Musk inadvertently refocused the situation onto himself. Instead of asking how the Times allowed this piece to be published, many are instead asking whether it’s right for Tesla to be placing any sort of expectations on reviewers. And then, of course, there’s the disconcerting Big Brother aspect of the whole case. Who’s in the right? Who’s in the wrong? Let’s try to find out.


  • Take a look at the next PlayStation’s prototype controller

    Take a look at the next PlayStation's prototype controller

    What you see above is the next PlayStation’s controller, at least in some version of prototype, seemingly connected to a development unit for the next PlayStation (codenamed “Orbis“). The image popped up on Destructoid a few hours ago — we’ve spoken with development sources who confirmed it to be a recent version of the next PlayStation’s controller and a beta unit of the dev kit, though it’s not clear how much the pictured controller will match up with the final product (and the console will assuredly look quite different from the dev unit). Sony’s expected to show the PlayStation 3’s successor at a New York City event next Wednesday, February 20th, wherein a new version of the company’s classic DualShock controller is expected to be unveiled.

    Corroborating reports, the pictured controller features a rectangular touchpad in between the standard d-pad and four-button setup, though it’s missing the rumored Share button. It’s also unclear if the blue light seen atop the controller serves a function — a stand-in for Move support, perhaps? — and our sources were unable to clarify. What looks like a speaker grill can be spotted just above a newly lowered PlayStation button, which seems to indicate some form of Wiimote-esque sound functionality built into the controller.

    Update: A Sony rep tells us, “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

    [Photo credit: Destructoid]

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    Source: Destructoid

  • The Engadget Podcast is live tonight at 5PM!

    Do you feel that? Love is in the air, here at the Engadget Lovecast. And it’s the purest love of all — the love between bloggers and gadget news. Join us in the chat, after the break. We’ve got plenty of love to give.


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