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  • Asher Levine’s fall 2013 fashion line goes future forward

    Asher Levine

    Children of the ’80s, you’ll want to remember this name: Asher Levine. He’s the young designer behind an also young label poised to make Marty McFly’s vacuum-powered jacket from Back to the Future Part II a real-life retail item. But more on that in a bit. As you might’ve already guessed, Levine’s brand is atypical of the industry, one based upon the incorporation of technology and innovation with style. It sounds strange when you consider this is fashion we’re talking about — a notoriously stodgy industry predicated upon its historical archives — but then again, this is the very same designer that teamed up with MakerBot for his fall 2012 collection. Oh, and did we mention he dresses the likes of Lady Gaga and will.i.am? There’s that, too.

    While that last crossover collaboration employed MakerBot’s Replicator for 3D-printed eyewear, Levine’s current fall / winter 2013 line is taking things into a less cumbersome, more practical realm. Through a partnership with Phone Halo, a company focused on mobile Bluetooth solutions, apparel in this new collection will feature integrated tracking chips to help high-end clientele locate lost or misplaced luxury items via a customized TrackR app. So forget about last season’s trends, Levine is committed to pushing things forward, while also daring to dream a little sci-fi dream. Read on for more.

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  • NVIDIA posts Q4 2013 earnings: $1.1 billion in revenue, $174 million in profit

    NVIDIA posts Q4 2013 earnings

    Earnings may be down slightly sequentially for the graphics and mobile CPU powerhouse, but things are still looking good compared to the same period last year. For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013 NVIDIA is reporting $1.1 billion in revenue, a small dip from last quarter’s record $1.2 billion, but up from 2012’s $950 million. That’s an increase of 16.1 percent year-over-year and, perhaps most importantly, net income was up 50 percent to $174 million. That does, however, mark a significant drop from Q3’s $209 million in profits. Still, while it didn’t offer specific numbers in its press release (those may come during the company’s earnings call later today), NVIDIA declared that its Tegra business was continuing to grow. And its GPU division continued to put up impressive numbers, raking in $3.2 billion for the year, despite a sagging PC market. If you’d like to dig into all the financial particulars check out the PR after the break.

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  • Wikipedia adds watchlists to mobile web app, plans to release more features soon

    Wikipedia updates mobile web features

    With over three billion mobile pageviews last month, Wikipedia certainly has the consumption side of information down. Mobile content creation, on the other hand, has been severely limited. Beginning with updates released today, the Wikimedia mobile web team aims to change that. This latest web app refresh includes the ability to log in or create an account to track articles on a user’s watchlists. In addition, new users will see the watchlist star on their mobile devices as an incentive to create an account and join the community. Future updates will allow users to add photos and edit article content on the go, too — but note that the Wikipedia bots will be keeping all you mobile pranksters in check. Hit up the source link to get started.


    Source: Wikimedia Blog

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