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  • Lumio desk lamp takes light reading literally (video)


    With the future of reading heading squarely in the direction of electronic devices, what to do with the old timey book form? Build a lamp, of course. During a recent visit to the City by the Bay, we popped into the TechShop hackerspace and were introduced to Max Gunawan, the designer behind Lumio (not to be confused with a certain smartphone line of similar name). The product, developed in that very space, offers up a cool take on the desktop lamp, fitting it into a wooden, old timey-looking book form. Open it up and the pages fan out into what looks like a paper lantern.

    It’s an LED light powered by a lithium ion battery that’ll give you around eight hours on a charge. Due to the foldable nature of the Lumio, the device is portable and can be opened into a number of configurations, to suit your needs. Gunawan is a couple of days away from launching a Kickstarter page for the project, in hopes of getting together $60,000. Interested funders will be able to pick one up for around $95 — wait for it to come to market, and that price will jump to around $125 or $135.

    After the break, check out a video of Gunawan giving us the lowdown on Lumio.


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  • Microsoft sells out of 128GB Surface Pro models online and in some stores

    Microsoft Surface Pro review wrap-up

    If you were wondering how well the public would take to a Microsoft-made tablet costing $899 or more… quite well, at least from initial impressions. The 128GB Surface Pro has sold out at Microsoft’s US online store, and checks suggest a lack of stock at both the company’s retail stores as well as Best Buy and Staples. Canada is facing similar shortages at Best Buy and Future Shop. Not surprisingly, storage worries (since partly alleviated) have left the 64GB tablet as the only one in consistent supply, and we suspect that the 128GB model in Microsoft’s Canadian store won’t last for much longer. We’d be cautious before declaring the Surface Pro a runaway hit, however — there’s no word on how many units each store had, and Microsoft has refrained from reporting Surface sale numbers to date. Still, the early uptake is good news for Microsoft’s first foray into designing an x86 PC, and it shows that many early adopters aren’t hung up on the price.

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    Source: Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Staples

  • Yandex passes Bing to become fourth largest search provider according to comScore

    Yandex passes Bing to become fourth largest search provider according to comScore

    Bing, Microsoft’s attempt to take on Google directly. When it first launched there was quite a bit of fanfare and its market share grew quickly. It didn’t exactly hack away at Mountain View’s dominance, but it certainly made a small dent. Since then, things have slowed down and other players have asserted themselves in the global search battlefield. While Baidu has been riding high for quite some time, Yandex is a relative new-comer to the leader board. And, somewhat surprisingly, has already surpassed Microsoft for global market share according to stats provided to us by comScore. Though the margin is small, the Russian company saw more searches performed through its site than Microsoft in both November and December of 2012. The difference is small enough that those positions could swap again but, where as Bing has seen its numbers plateau over the last six months, Yandex has continued to grow. Of course, neither is anywhere near challenging Google which accounts for roughly 65 percent of the search traffic according to comScore’s numbers and both only see about half the traffic of the number three competitor, Yahoo. Microsoft can still claim one victory over Yandex in the number of unique searchers, though. If you’re curious for more we’ve put the entire chart after the break.

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