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  • ASUS FonePad reaches certification, may meld an Atom tablet with Android

    ASUS FonePad tablet pops up in certification, may meld Atom with Android

    No, not PadFone. FonePad. According to Indonesia’s wireless regulator Postel, ASUS is trying to certify a FonePad K004 tablet that would switch up device names, not to mention create its fair share of mix-ups. But what is it? Based on that K004 codename and a match with a Thai retailer’s listing, Notebook Italia believes it’s none other than the recently leaked ME371MG, an Atom Z2420-based, 7-inch tablet that would run Jelly Bean. It might also carry 3G and justify its name through built-in phone functionality. We’re skeptical when the specs aren’t confirmed, and don’t entirely line up — there’s just 8GB of space in the retail entry versus the originally claimed 16GB, as an example. If there’s any fuel to the fire, however, the new round of MeMo Pads will eventually have some Intel-powered (if confusingly-named) company.

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    Via: Notebook Italia, Blog of Mobile

    Source: Postel, Digiland (cached)

  • Engadget Expand speakers, Round Four: Boxee, Samsung, Formlabs and LUNAR, oh my!

    Engadget Expand speakers, Round Four Boxee, Samsung, Formlabs and LUNAR oh my!
    Thanks for joining us as we continue our unveil of the speaker lineup for Expand in San Francisco this March 16-17. We’ve got four more brilliant folks who will be gracing our stage to share with you:

    • Idan Cohen: Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Boxee
    • Dennis Miloseski: Head of Design Studio, Samsung Design America
    • Maxim Lobovsky: Co-founder, Formlabs
    • Gerard Furbershaw: Co-founder and COO, LUNAR

    These smart speakers will be joining the action-packed roster we’ve announced so far:

    • Chris Anderson: CEO, 3D Robotics and former editor-in-chief, Wired
    • Yancey Strickler: Co-founder and Head of Community, Kickstarter
    • Scott Croyle: Vice President of Design, HTC
    • Tom Rivellini: Mars Science Laboratory Entry Descent and Landing Lead Mechanical Engineer at NASA/JPL
    • Julie Uhrman: Founder and CEO, OUYA
    • Ryan Block: Co-founder of gdgt
    • Michael Laine: President, LiftPort Group
    • Avi Reichental: President and CEO, 3D Systems
    • Walter de Brouwer: CEO and Founder, Scanadu
    • Veronica Belmont: Co-host, Tekzilla
    • Gene Munster: Research Analyst – Devices & Internet, Piper Jaffray
    • Steve Cousins: CEO, Willow Garage

    So what are you waiting for?! Go on with your bad self and get those tickets now!

    And don’t forget…

    • You have until this Friday, February 8 to submit your project for a chance to win $20,000 in our Insert Coin competition!
    • If you’re a company that would like to work with us on an exhibition or sponsorship level, please drop us a line at sponsors at engadget dot com (DIYers and small startups, please ask us about our new Indie Corner option!)
    • If you’re interested in speaking at the event, please contact expand at engadget dot com to inquire
    • If you’re a member of the media interested in covering Expand, please contact engadget at shiftcomm.com for more information.

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  • Droid RAZR M ‘blue steel edition’ now available at Best Buy

    Droid Razr M

    What’s black and white and pink all over? Well, not too long ago, the answer to that was the Droid RAZR M. As of today, however, Motorola’s nearly bezel-less Jelly Bean handset will also be pretty in platinum. Available as a special edition for Best Buy, the Verizon-locked device has been given a steely makeover, but that’s not to say the M’s been scrubbed of all its flair. Turn the phone on its side and you’ll note its hardware keys now pop with a blue hue. Apart from the cosmetic overhaul, not much else on the 4.3-inch device has changed. So, if you’re still game for a solid Android mid-ranger, you can snag this freshly embellished phone for $50 on a two-year contract at the source below.

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    Via: Droid-Life

    Source: Best Buy

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