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  • Microsoft releases Bing-powered apps for Office 365 Home Premium

    Microsoft releases Bingpowered apps for Office 365 Home Premium

    Because no corporate monolith can resist a good play at synergy, Microsoft’s leveraging its properties to intro a suite of free Bing-powered apps for Office. If you’ve signed up for the company’s recently released, cloud-based Office 365 Home Premium, you’ll now be privy to five distinct Excel and Word applications that rely on the search engine for the insertion of dynamic data. For Excel, users can choose amongst Bing Maps, used to embed location data, and Bing Finance, which allows for the creation of a portfolio table. While Word-oriented Office 365 users will now have the added benefit of dedicated Image and News Search apps, letting them trawl the web and insert relevant info from within a document. There’s also a Dictionary app that’ll monitor your typing and make suggestion from within a right rail. It’s all live in the Office Store now, so head on to the source to start your installs.

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    Source: Bing

  • Pocket for iOS gets native sharing to Facebook, simpler option to delete articles

    Pocket for iOS gets native sharing to Facebook, easier option to delete articles

    Good news are in for those who are avid users of Read it Later Pocket on iOS, as the handy application’s been updated with some social tools and a few UI improvements. For starters, version 4.3 now allows readers to share content directly to Facebook (Sina Weibo, too) without ever having to leave the app, while a “Delete” option was added to the Archive button in order to make it easier for folks to trash any article. Pocket also announced it beefed up the text preferences in the article viewer by including an increased font size, as well as noting that it’s taken care of some known Evernote-related bugs, among others. The Pocket refresh can be downloaded now from the App Store link below, or, what’s likely the easier route, folks could just grab it straight from their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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    Source: Pocket, App Store

  • WSJ and NYT accuse Chinese hackers of infiltrating their newsgathering systems

    WSJ and NYT accuse Chinese hackers of infiltrating their newsgathering systems

    And the saga continues. Just a year after Bloomberg News was reportedly targeted by Chinese hackers, both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have independently published reports suggesting that they too are being probed. Both organizations seem to think that it’s all part of a larger scheme, with Chinese hackers sifting through newsgathering systems of outlets that are reporting on touchy subjects. As the Times puts it: “The attacks appear to be part of a broader computer espionage campaign against American news media companies that have reported on Chinese leaders and corporations.”

    When asked about such a possibility, China’s Ministry of National Defense (unsurprisingly) denied the allegations, noting that “to accuse the Chinese military of launching cyberattacks without solid proof is unprofessional and baseless.” As it stands, the FBI is already looking into various attacks of this nature, but strangely, the hacking attempts aren’t being universally viewed as malicious. Paula Keve, chief spokeswoman for Dow Jones & Co., stated: “Evidence shows that infiltration efforts target the monitoring of the Journal’s coverage of China, and are not an attempt to gain commercial advantage or to misappropriate customer information.” As you’d expect, both outfits are stepping up security in a major way in hopes of fending off any future attempts.

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    Source: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times

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