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  • AT&T offering $100 credit to Nexus 7 owners, two-year contract required

    DNP AT&T offering $100 credit to HSPA Nexus 7 owners in exchange for a twoyear service agreement

    Have you considered picking up an HSPA+ Nexus 7? If so, AT&T‘s latest promotion might have what it takes to influence your decision. Customers who sign up for an eligible two-year data plan will receive a $100 bill credit on their freshly inked covenant. Sure, locking your unlocked device to a carrier isn’t the most ideal strategy, but if you’re into mobile monogamy and AT&T’s services meet your needs — then by all means you have our blessings. However, you may have to hurry up and pop the question, as this offer comes to an end on February 14th.

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  • Disney Infinity challenges Skylanders for toy-based game crown, launches in June

    Disney Infinity challenges Skylanders for NFCenabled console crown, launches in June

    Disney’s got a huge stable of iconic characters already immortalized in plastic, but the company’s looking to virtualize its lineup with today’s announcement of crossplatform game / toy experience Disney Infinity. Like Activision megalith Skylanders, Disney Infinity pairs actual plastic figurines (enabled with NFC or something similar) with game consoles connected to a pad. The pad transmits those characters directly into the game, across any system the game is being played on. Unlike Skylanders, Disney Infinity‘s pad can apparently add up to three connections at once, allowing for character powerup additions and other in-game bonuses. The first characters available come from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, and Monsters University (we spotted Jack Skellington and other biggies in the reveal trailer as well); Disney promises that users will also be able to create their own universes (virtually) inside the game, beyond just playing in themed environments. 20 characters are said to launch with the game when it arrives this June for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PC, and mobile. Take a look at the announcement trailer just below.

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  • Editorial: TV gets prettier, smarter and dumber

    Editorial TV gets more beautiful prettier, smarter and dumber

    Good ideas are hard to predict, both before and after they are introduced as prototypes. The push-button (touch-tone) telephone was conceptually launched to the consumer market at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, 21 years after the device was invented by Bell Telephone labs. Another 20 years after the Seattle exposition, touch-tone phones finally penetrated 50 percent of American homes. A general lack of tech frenzy, and monopoly pricing control, slowed adoption. But it’s also true that the new phones didn’t solve a fundamental problem. They sped up dialing, which solved a non-essential but important user-interface problem of rotary dial phones.

    Each year at CES, tech enthusiasts get a chance to glimpse prototypical ideas and guess whether they will endure. In doing so, one question should remain central: “What problem is being solved?”

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