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  • CES 2013: Auto roundup

    CES 2013 Auto roundup

    Every year at CES, the focus on autos and the tech they’re outfitted with grabs a fair share of the attention in Las Vegas. This installment was no different. While several companies trotted out their latest infotainment wares, the self-driving debate nabbed a prime spot as Toyota and Audi both offered show-and-tells on tech that looks to aid drivers rather than do all of the work for them. As we’ve come to expect, a wealth of infotainment systems were also on display with a couple in particular grabbing our attention. Not to be overlooked, devs received a number of notable invites to create system-specific offerings this time out. For a full rundown of the highlights, read on past the break for a brief synopsis.

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  • CES 2013: Digital cameras roundup

    CES 2013 Digital cameras roundup

    CES is far from a top-tier trade show for the digital imaging industry, but that didn’t stop manufacturers from introducing new models. Android returned to Polaroid’s booth with the underwhelming iM1836 ILC, Canon opted for a square form factor with its PowerShot N and Fujifilm introduced a more powerful version of the X100. Nearly all of the cameras we saw at the show were created for consumers, with many options coming in under the $200 mark. Nikon and Samsung offered a few exceptions, but with Photokina wrapping up this past September and CP+ kicking off in just over two weeks, there are plenty of other venues for camera makers to introduce their higher-profile models. For now, though, it’s all about CES, so join us past the break for a closer look at some of this week’s biggest announcements.

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  • IRL: Rosetta Stone, PocketWizard and the TomTom Via 1530
    Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets, apps and toys we’re using in real life and take a second look at products that already got the formal review treatment.

    Fun fact: this edition of IRL was compiled and timed up about a month ago — well before we set foot in Vegas to spend a week at CES. We figured, we’d be too busy covering the show, and that we’d be too exhausted afterward to immediately get back to our regularly scheduled workloads. (Ed note: I hope I came out alive — Dana.) At this point, of course, CES has come and gone, and despite the 18-hour work days, we’d say we had a good time. Nonetheless, we need the literary equivalent of a Tums after a seven-day avalanche of posts, and we suspect you do too. What better, then, but a column about older tech we’ve lived with a while? We even threw a CD-ROM mention in there for variety’s sake.

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