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  • CES 2013: Household roundup

    CES 2013 Household roundup

    The household product category isn’t the fastest-evolving in the technology scene. Our refrigerators and ovens are all “good enough” at this point that most folks don’t worry that their food won’t stay cold or won’t cook all the way through. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some truly amazing innovation going on — but, honestly, most of the potentially game-changing tech for your home did not make its grand debut at this year’s CES. Instead we were treated to a few interesting products that were mostly a refresh of items from previous shows. Wireless charging continued to have a strong presence this year, and even seems on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Then, of course, there were the companies, like Samsung, that decided there was no better place for a tablet than embedded in your kitchen appliances. Want to know what to expect from your household electronics in 2013? Head on past the break.

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  • The RK3066 Android 4.1 mini PC is the MK802’s younger, smarter, cheaper brother, we go hands on

    The RK3066 Android 41 mini PC is the MK802's younger, smarter, cheaper brother, we go hands on

    When the MK802 Android mini PC landed in our laps, it caused more than a ripple of interest. Since then, a swathe of “pendroids” have found their way to market, and the initial waves have died down. While we were at CES, however, we bumped into the man behind the MK802, and he happened to have a new, updated iteration of the Android mini PC. Best of all, he was kind enough to give us one to spend some time with. The specifications speak for themselves, and this time around we’re looking at a dual-core 1.6GHz Cortex A9, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of built-in flash (and a microSD slot), WiFi in b/g/n flavors, DLNA support and Bluetooth, all running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There’s also a micro-USB, full-size USB, female HDMI port and 3.5mm audio out.

    For anyone who has used one of these types of devices, the two standout features mentioned above should be the audio jack, and the addition of Bluetooth. Why? Because this expands the potential functionality of the device manyfold. Beforehand, the lack of Bluetooth made adding peripherals — such as a mouse of keyboard — either difficult, or impractical. However, with Bluetooth, setting up this device to be somewhat useful just got a lot easier. Likewise, with the dedicated audio out, now you can work with sound when the display you are connecting it to (a monitor for example) doesn’t have speakers. Read on after the break to hear more of our impressions.

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  • Wrap-up: Engadget editors sound off on CES 2013
    Wrapup Engadget editors sound off on CES 2013

    This was our biggest CES group of all time, by a long shot. As we pack our bags and return to our home cities around the country and beyond, our team of ace editors took some time to share their final impressions of the show. Scroll down below to hear from Tim Stevens and Darren Murph, who helped to provide invaluable direction and motivation here in Vegas, then click past the break for some brief reports from the rest of the team.

    Tim Stevens, Editor-in-chief
    For me, the story of CES 2013 was the massive shift of focus from mega-announcements by mega-corporations to the micro-innovations pitched by the crowd-funded. This, to me, is far more exciting than the usual iterative advancements we fixate upon in Las Vegas every year. I don’t know what that means for the future of CES as a mega-show, but I can’t wait for 2014’s iteration.
    Wrapup Engadget editors sound off on CES 2013 Darren Murph, Managing Editor
    Here’s the problem with CES 2013: nothing is shipping soon, and nothing is affordable. But that’s also what made CES awesome. I’ll one day be able to afford a 4K HDTV, and the new Tegra 4 / Snapdragon gear will one day be in an Android phone I’ll crave. Now that the dust has settled, I’m actually pretty amazed that envelopes are still being pushed in a world where people are increasingly content with existing technologies. Onward and upward.

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