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  • Engadget HD Podcast 330 – 1.3.2013

    Engadget HD Podcast 330 - 1.3.2013

    Welcome to 2013, and with CES nearly upon us, we have returned with a new podcast episode to wrap up all the pre-show releases and get ready for what’s to come. All the new LG 4K, OLED and laser projector stuff? It’s in here, and Samsung’s display teases too. We’ll even discuss Ben’s DirecTV Genie DVR review and the odds of whether the rumored pay-for-only-the-channels-you-want Intel “virtual cable” service launches soon (probably not). The next time you hear from us we’ll be coming live from Las Vegas, right now you can press play for our official preview episode.

    Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc)

    Producer: James Trew (@itstrew)

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  • Facebook adds voice recording to Messenger, testing VoIP service in Canada

    Facebook adds voice recording to Messenger, testing VoIP service in Canada

    If you’re a fan of the Facebook Messenger app keep your eye out for an interesting update coming down the pipe today for both the iOS and Android versions. The social network is adding the ability to record and send voice messages, up to one minute in length, to your friends. The goal isn’t to create a voice mail system for Facebook, but to give users another option for interacting when typing is either impossible or inconvenient. It works much like the video feature in the company’s Poke app — press and hold the red record button, speak your message and it’ll appear in-line as part of your chat, represented by a clickable sound wave icon. Even more interesting though, is the VoIP capabilities that are being flipped on for Canadian users. It’s a little buried at the moment — hidden behind the “i” icon in the chat window — but everyone’s favorite social network is now offering a way to place free voice calls to friends. Interestingly, the platform is built on open source technology and not on its Skype partnership. If things go well in the land of maple trees and Mounties we imagine it wont be too long before America gets a taste of VoIP calling Facebook style.

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  • Corning announces optical cables for Thunderbolt, coming this quarter

    Corning announces optical cables for Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt enthusiasts have only been able to rely on the use of copper core cables — which offer significant limitations on distance — for their data transfer needs, but hope is close at hand. This afternoon, Corning announced that it’s launching optical cables with Thunderbolt connectivity. The new cables are just as durable as copper and are up to ten times longer (they come in lengths of 10, 20 and 30 meters, while copper only goes up to three). Just like copper, the optical cables offer high-speed data transfers up to 10Gbps, though they lack the ability to provide power to your devices. If Thunderbolt isn’t your thing, don’t fret: Corning plans to offer a set with USB3 connectivity as well. We haven’t been given any pricing yet, but both sets of cables should be available sometime in Q1.

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