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  • IRL: Wacom Bamboo Splash, Triggertrap Mobile and the iPad 3
    Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets, apps and toys we’re using in real life and take a second look at products that already got the formal review treatment.

    We’ve got a mixed bag this week. Billy, who’s reviewed a bunch of Wacom products on this site, talks about what it’s like to live with the Bamboo Splash pen tablet. James, meanwhile, uses a mobile photography tool to ensure his reflection doesn’t show up when he’s shooting tablets and such. Rounding out the list, Darren takes a closer look at the iPad’s display. He thinks it’s alright.

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  • Mystery BlackBerry 10 device hits the FCC with AT&T-capable LTE

    Mystery BlackBerry 10 device hits the FCC with AT&Tcapable LTE

    RIM’s January unveiling isn’t going anywhere without federal approval, and it seems the FCC is happy to oblige. Regulators put an unnamed BlackBerry device with a RFF91LW model number through the standard tests, giving it the green light for AT&T’s LTE and GSM bands, as well as a few international frequencies. The handset’s label sample is conveniently censored, of course, but FCC reports indicate that at least three of the devices RIM provided were running OS 10.0.9. Could we be seeing the “L-series” BlackBerry Z10? Or is this simply one of the Dev Alpha devices RIM has been handing out to developers? Either way, we’ll get verification next month.

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    Source: FCC

  • Foursquare to display full user names, share more data with local businesses

    Fond of your family name? Good — it’s about to get a bit more visible. Foursquare is planning to display full user names on profile pages, explaining in a recent community email that the old policy has become confusing. “If you search for a friend on Foursquare, we show their full name in the results, but when you click through to their profile page you don’t see their last name.” The team says these abbreviations made sense in Foursquare’s early days, but recently users have been asking for change. “We get emails every day saying that it’s now confusing.” The social network hopes that displaying users’ full surnames will help mitigate confusion between the John Smiths and John Smythes of the world.

    The company’s tweaked privacy policy promises to share more data with businesses, too, giving store owners greater visibility of customers who have recently checked in. Users who want their quests for coffee to remain anonymous still can, of course — Foursquare was careful to remind users that they can change their “full name” whenever they want, and can opt out of sharing their location information with businesses. We wouldn’t want to step on any toes, would we? Head past the break to see the email for yourself, or check out the adjacent source link to read Foursquare’s “Privacy 101” summary.

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