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  • MTA app for iPhone offers New Yorkers real-time subway arrivals, a small dose of relief

    MTA app for iPhone offers New Yorkers realtime subway arrivals, a small dose of relief

    Despite New York City virtually revolving around its mass transit system, local subway riders haven’t had a way to check the next arrival in real-time, even though some smaller cities already take live transit details for granted. At least some harried commuters can assuage their minds now that the MTA has posted its Subway Time app for iOS users. The title does exactly what it says on the tin, taking advantage of MTA’s signalling installations on the 1 through 6 lines (and the 42nd Street Shuttle) to determine train arrival times down to the minute. Subway Time won’t satisfy certain travelers as-is: it doesn’t provide directions, and the earliest expansion to additional routes won’t happen until the L line’s information is linked up in six to 12 months. Passengers running Android and Windows Phone will likewise have to wait for outside developers to finish their own projects. For those of us living in the right areas, however, Subway Time might take away some uncertainty — even if it’s just to confirm that we’ll be late.

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    Via: Wall Street Journal

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  • Curiosity spends holidays in Yellowknife Bay, immortalized on special Foursquare badge

    Curiosity spends holidays in Yellowknife Bay, gets on special Foursquare badge

    While many of us were opening presents and having our fill of mulled cider, NASA’s trusty Curiosity rover was busy at work capturing panoramic views of Yellowknife Bay, a shallow area of unusual terrain on the Red planet. Jokingly dubbed “Grandma’s house” by the crew, the rover spent over 11 Martian days there so that handlers could take some time off for the holidays. When they get back, the space vehicle will hopefully have provided enough data to pinpoint a potential drilling area so it can drill, collect and analyze rock samples using onboard tools — a feat never-before attempted on Mars.

    The Curiosity rover has, however, checked in on Foursquare on Mars, which is a feat no one else is likely to attempt. In continued collaboration with the social media platform, NASA is now providing a Curiosity Explorer badge to anyone who checks in to a NASA visitor center or a venue categorized as a science museum or planetarium. Badge recipients will get this message: “Get out your rock-vaporizing laser! You’ve explored your scientific curiosities just like NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars. Stay curious and keep exploring. You never know what you’ll find.” No idea if you’ll get a free “scoop” of space ice cream or a hand in the next Mars mission along with it, but we’re behind anything that boosts the public’s interest in space.

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    Source: NASA, Space.com

  • Apple withdraws patent claim against Samsung’s Galaxy S III mini

    Apple’s patent claim against Samsung’s Galaxy S III mini is no more, with Cupertino citing the phone’s lacking availability in the US for the amendment to its original November filing. In the ongoing litigation between the two electronics giants, Samsung argued that it’s Galaxy S III mini didn’t warrant inclusion in the latest volley of Samsung devices Apple wants added to its patent lawsuit; Apple apparently agreed, and is thusly withdrawing its claim against that particular device. The argument also highlights the sad news that the S III mini won’t join Samsung’s Galaxy lineup in the US.

    An agreement filing spotted by Reuters from a San Jose, CA. US District Court revealed today’s news, coming just days after Judge Lucy Koh dismissed a request to permanently ban sales on several Samsung devices. It’s unclear if the other Samsung devices Apple asked to be added to the ongoing case are approved yet by the court, but we can certainly count the S III mini out for the time being.

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    Source: Reuters

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