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  • AT&T to update Samsung Galaxy Note II with Multi-Window tomorrow

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Most US models of the Samsung Galaxy Note II have already been updated with Multi-Window — a split-screen feature that allows users to view two apps at once — but AT&T is the last of the four national powers that hasn’t pushed the feature out to its customers. That will change tomorrow, as AT&T has confirmed to us in an email that it will roll out the new build over the air at some point during the day. We’re happy that users won’t have to rely on Samsung’s proprietary Kies desktop software to update their devices, but minor downloads like this are typically facilitated OTA. There’s no word on if the ROM will be pushed out in phases to minimalize the impact on AT&T’s servers, but don’t be terribly worried if you don’t get notified right away. Continue below to read the carrier’s official statement on the matter.

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  • Google Music matching explicit songs with clean ones, but contains a stopgap fix

    Google Music graffiti Android

    Early iTunes Match adopters will remember the unintentional bowdlerization of their music libraries: they’d listen to their scanned music collection on a second device and lose all the colorful language. As we’re quickly learning, Google Music’s newly added scan and match feature isn’t exempt from that problem, either. Those streaming matched copies of explicit songs through the newer service are getting clean versions, with no obvious way to preserve the filth. Google declines to comment on whether or not there’s a long-term fix in the works, although we do know that there’s a temporary solution — choose the “fix incorrect match” option and Google Music will typically upload the raw tracks. We just hope Google starts matching the correct tracks by the next time we want an unfiltered experience for our ears.

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  • Engadget’s CES 2013 Preview: Household

    With CES looming like an electrically charged storm of news and announcements, it’s time for us to give you our best bets on what you’ll see come January. During the month of December, we’ll bring you a series of CES preview posts, forecasting what you can expect when the news deluge begins. For more of what’s to come, check out our hub.

    Engadget's CES 2013 preview Household

    Last year, we saw the likes of Motorola, LG and Samsung continue to demonstrate their technical skills on washing machines, fridges, home automation and even cars. While some Engadget editors struggled to see even half the appeal of those WiFi-connected washing machines at CES 2012, Motorola’s Connected Home gateway showed a realistic vision of how a wireless home should work, with its gateway router tying your Android devices to your thermostat, security system and lighting. However, we haven’t heard much since January from Motorola when it comes to its household system, so it wouldn’t surprise us if the Google-owned manufacturer has a refreshed, possibly deeper system to show us this time. But what else will the middle of Nevada have to offer the forward-looking homemaker in the next year? We have more ideas after the break.

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