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  • The moon marks 40 years without a human visitor, prepares for impending probe crashes

    NASA's last

    It’s likely not an anniversary anyone thought we would meet after the first moon landing, but today marks 40 years since Gene Cernan left the last footprint on the moon as Apollo 17 ended its mission. That was the last of six manned missions to the lunar surface (nine including those that didn’t land), which saw twelve men actually walk on the moon in all. The years since have of course seen continued exploration of the moon through other means, though, and next week will see another major event when NASA’s twin GRAIL spacecraft conduct a planned crash into a mountain near the lunar north pole. Those have been in orbit since January 1st, creating a high-resolution map of the moon’s gravitational field and collecting data that promises to provide more detail than ever about its internal structure and composition. You’ll be able to follow along on NASA’s website as that happens beginning at 5PM Eastern on Monday, December 17th.

    [Image credit: NASA / Eugene Cernan]

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  • Bing brings new social sidebar to the iPad, helps you see who’s been looking for what

    DNP Bing brings new social sidebar to iPad users

    Bing’s desktop version recently underwent a bit of a makeover and Microsoft has now added its search engine’s new social sidebar for the iPad’s Safari users. Upon performing a web search, folks will have access to a side pane displaying related results from the likes of Facebook, Foursquare, Klout and Twitter. Supporting both portrait and landscape formatting, the updated design is set to gradually roll out over the next few days. Just in time for you to check out who’s going to see The Hobbit in 48fps this weekend when searching for showtimes and theaters.

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  • Dropbox 2.0 launches for iOS with new Photos tab and a streamlined UI

    Dropbox 20 launches for iOS with new Photos tab and a streamlined UI

    Most of us would call the Dropbox mobile app very utilitarian, built for browsing files and not much else. It’s becoming more of a media viewer in its own right with its just-arrived Dropbox 2.0 for iOS users. The cloud storage service gains a dedicated Photos tab that takes advantage of all those automatic uploads from the past few months: the panel organizes photos by the time taken and offers an unintrusive full-screen mode for reliving memories. Hitting the major milestone has also given Dropbox an incentive to rework the interface as a whole, simplifying uploads to specific folders alongside removing the visual clutter. The developer hasn’t yet given Android the same treatment, although the company’s tendency to keep its major apps on an equal footing suggests it won’t be too long before everyone gets a clearer view of their images in the cloud.

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