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  • Windows Phone 7.8 for the Nokia Lumia 510, 800 starts lurking on NaviFirm

    Windows Phone 78 for the Lumia 510, 800 starts lurking on NaviFirm

    The appearance of new Nokia firmware on NaviFirm is already enough to pique the interest of owners jonesing for an update, and this time there’s especially strong reasons to get fired up: Windows Phone 7.8 upgrades for both the Lumia 510 and 800 have appeared on the servers. While their presence doesn’t represent an official rollout, it supports notions that Nokia is edging closer to a deployment and gives those who live dangerously a chance to try 7.8 for themselves. We can’t guarantee that phones will survive any unofficial transplants, but we’d love to hear from risk-takers who find something truly new in Microsoft’s not-quite-8 release.

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  • ITU treaty negotiations collapse as US, Canada and UK refuse to sign

    ITU treaty negotiations collapse as US, Canada and UK refuse to sign

    As anticipated, several countries pushed to expand the UN’s authority to regulate the internet and the US, along with many of its allies, have said they will not sign the updated treaty. Interestingly, the collapse of negotiations began when language was added to the new rules about “human rights obligations,” which predictably met with stiff resistance from nations with spotty records on that front, including China and Iran. But the complete failure of the delegates to reach a consensus on updating international telecommunication laws seems to hinge primarily on the push by countries like Russia open the internet to additional UN regulation, that could cover everything from security to the assignment of addresses (something currently handled by ICANN). The US, along with Canada, the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic have refused to sign the treaty over to the proposed expansion of powers.

    The proposed change would, in effect, give the UN and other nations regulatory control over content. The concern is that it would open up the web to broader censorship and abuse from oppressive regimes seeking to control information and squash dissent. For now it seems as if the status quo will continue, though, any internet treaty coming out of the UN would likely face stiff opposition from the US, even without the content-related language.

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    Source: CNET, Reuters, Reuters

  • Microsoft’s Surface RT to be available at UK retailer John Lewis as early as tomorrow

    Microsoft's Surface RT to be available at UK retailer John Lewis as early as tomorrow

    After announcing it would start selling its Surface RT at third-party retailers in the US and Australia, we figured it was only a matter of time before Microsoft would extend this offer over to the UK (among other places, of course). Well, according to Pocket-lint, retailer John Lewis has confirmed to the site that it will indeed commence stocking both its virtual and physical shelves with Microsoft’s 10.1-inch tablet, with the 32GB plus Black Touch Keyboard bundle set to be priced at £479, or £559 for the more spacious 64GB model. John Lewis says the Surface RT will be up for grabs tomorrow, December 14th, on its website, while brick-and-mortar stores should have them in stock starting this weekend.

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    Source: John Lewis, Pocket-lint

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