Unlimited Mobile Cell Phone News and Reviews

  • A temporary tattoo may be able to track your alcohol levels
    A new monitoring device could help people discreetly measure their alcohol intake by transmitting alcohol levels to a connected cell phone. The tech, developed by engineers at the University of California, San Diego, is a small wearable, comparable t…
  • The Zuckerberg hearings were a wasted opportunity
    Over the past two days, members of Congress have peppered Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with questions about how the platform manages users' privacy, what went wrong with Cambridge Analytica and what it's doing to strengthen protections going forward….
  • 'Hidden Figures' will be made into a TV series
    Hidden Figures did a lot to highlight the unheralded black female mathematicians who played a key role in the early NASA space program, and it proved a commercial success to boot. So much of a success, in fact, that it could soon extend to TV. Vari…
  • FDA approves AI-powered software to detect diabetic retinopathy
    30.3 million Americans have diabetes according to a 2015 CDC study. An additional 84.1 million have prediabetes, which often leads to the full disease within five years. It's important to detect diabetes early to avoid health complications like heart…

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