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  • Sprint cuts 2,000 jobs as its new CEO takes the reins
    New CEOs frequently cut jobs to streamline their companies, and Sprint leader Marcelo Claure is proving to be no exception to the rule. The exec is cutting 2,000 jobs as part of “bold actions” he believes are needed to return the carrier to health….
  • Skype's Translator preview goes live for Windows 8.1 users
    We first heard about Skype’s Translator feature back in May, and that it should arrive before the end of the year. Well, in keeping with that timeline, the video-chatting outfit opened up a preview for Windows 8.1 devices. As its moniker suggests,…
  • PayPal now lets you pay for packages days after you order them
    Wish you didn’t have to pay for online orders before they showed up? You won’t have to, if you’ve loaded up a PayPal account. In the wake of a trial run, the company has formally rolled out Pay After Delivery, a service that gives you up to 14 days…
  • Carnival's cruise ships are getting much faster WiFi
    If you’ve tried to use internet access aboard a cruise ship, you know it can be an exercise in frustration — the connection is rarely speedy or reliable enough to make you feel at home. You might not have that problem on your next pleasure trip,…

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