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  • There's apparently a 'Gold Edition' BlackBerry Passport
    Which is to say, it’s time for Queen Beyonce to drop that BlackBerry Porsche Design. It’s so 2012….
  • Gmail for iOS now takes full advantage of your iPhone 6
    You haven’t had many options for checking Gmail on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus so far. Unless you’re happy with Apple’s stock email client, you’ve typically had to use blown-up versions of earlier apps. You won’t have to face that dilemma any more,…
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: Samsung's most beautiful phone yet
    When a company names one of their products after the first letter of the Greek alphabet, it means business. Take Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha: The name alone exudes confidence. Although the term typically signifies the first in a series, the Alpha…
  • Plex brings its media streaming magic to Xbox
    Plex has more than its share of fans thanks to its powerful and versatile streaming media capabilities. If you’ve got a video file (regardless of how you obtained it) there’s a good chance Plex can play it. And play it anywhere — on your Roku, on…

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