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  • 'Doctor Who' is coming to 'Minecraft' on Xbox 360 next month
    Simply put, Doctor Who and Minecraft are two worldwide sensations, each extremely popular in their own entertainment category. Thus, it just kind of makes sense to bring the two together. Thankfully for those of you who are into both, Microsoft and…
  • Twitter wants everyone to know how many people read their tweets
    Publishers and verified users have been able to track view counts on organic tweets since last month, but Twitter is looking to make that data more widely accessible. Today, the microblogging social network revealed that this analytics feature is no…
  • Sound off! Do you use any speed-reading apps?
    Speed-reading apps seem like the new weather apps. There are tons of different examples to choose from and they tout benefits that range from better memory retention to more free time and even healthier, shinier hair (one of those may not be totally…
  • Pandora's radio app for Glass lets you tune into Haim using your head
    If you regularly go out wearing Google Glass, you’ve probably lamented the lack of major music app choices. There’s Play Music and… well, that’s about it. Never fear, though, as Pandora has just released a Glass app for its internet radio service….

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