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  • The 49ers' high-tech fan experience falls short in first real test
    When an NFL team builds a brand new stadium, it’s usually packed with the latest tech to insure a flashy introduction. The Dallas Cowboys have absurdly large video screens over the field and the Arizona Cardinals can move the entire playing surface…
  • 'Antiselfie' app uses face tracking to ruin your best pout
    The onward march of the selfie, there’s no stopping it. Many people shudder at the slightest mention of the (now official) word. Others need only the flimsiest (and sometimes eyebrow-raising) reason to extend one arm and assume the duck face….
  • Sound off! How do you keep your digital data safe?
    We create a lot of digital content each day. Not all of it is important, but there are a few things we want to keep safe — you know, things like financial documents, vacation selfies, MP3’s from when we played in a hair-metal garage band. But what…
  • Fandango finalizes a truce with the FTC after exposing your movie ticket data
    Fandango slipped up in a big way between 2009 and 2013: its mobile apps would send your movie ticket purchases without a basic security measure, leaving credit card info and other data vulnerable to theft. However, the company is about to make amends…

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