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  • Feedback Loop: Favorite keyboards, dash cam options and podcasts
    Happy Saturday! Here’s a fresh edition of Feedback Loop, so grab your coffee and dive in! This week we’re talking about our favorite keyboards, which dash cams are the best, the podcasts we’re currently listening to and USB cables….
  • Germany accidentally spied on phone calls from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry
    Germany may be upset with the US over its eagerness to spy on national leaders (and seemingly everyone else), but it turns out that Germany itself isn’t completely above reproach. Der Spiegel has revealed that the country’s BND intelligence agency…
  • IRL: Nokia Lumia 1020 (one year later)
    A year later, and strangers still ask.

    “Is that the Lumia with the crazy camera? How do you like it?”

    And, after a year, I still offer up the same basic response.

    “Great camera, solid phone.”

    But after 12 months, and with a slew of new handsets…

  • UK spies have scanned the internet connections of entire countries
    You may know that the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency pokes its nose into people’s internet service accounts, but it’s now clear that the spy outfit is mapping the internet connections of whole nations, too. Heise has obtained documents showing that a…

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