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  • Android Wear review: Taking smartwatches in the right direction
    When I was a tiny tot, I watched Knight Rider and pretended I was Michael Knight, talking to KITT on my watch. Yet now that there are real-life watches that can do even more things, I don’t find myself quite as excited as my 5-year-old self was….
  • Facebook Messenger gets a native iPad version
    Facebook Messenger makes the most sense on a phone, but plenty of people still want to chat on their tablets — and apparently, Facebook knows it. The social network has just updated Messenger for iOS to support the iPad, letting you carry on a…
  • Univision to end free streaming of World Cup games
    Many people in the US, even those who don’t speak or understand Spanish, have been using the Univision Deportes app to watch the World Cup. To a certain degree, this was due to the fact that Univision’s service was completely free for anyone to…
  • Scientists create most efficient artificial photosynthesis yet
    Many scientists now think that slowing down global warming isn’t enough anymore and that we now need to clear some of the CO2 already in the air. Existing solutions like carbon sequestration aren’t ideal, and strategies like vacuuming the sky are…

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