Unlimited Mobile Cell Phone News and Reviews

  • Swim with the fishes using Project Tango and a head-mounted display
    For a few minutes, I saw the Moscone Center — and everyone inside it — under water. Sharks and small fish even swam past me as if I wasn’t there. And then, all of a sudden, I stood up straight and discovered that I’d poked my head above the waves….
  • Google strikes back at the big screen with Android TV
    Google announced its plan to take on the billions of TV viewers in the world with a groundbreaking product that would blur the lines between internet and broadcast — four years ago. Executives from Dish Network, Best Buy, Sony, Logitech, Sony and…
  • Google Chrome gets one-click video chats, no download required
    It used you be that if you wanted to round up some chums on a Google+ video hangout in Chrome to figure out how Sherlock really faked his death, you all had to download and install a plugin first. ‘Twas hardly a dealbreaker for most, but the process…
  • ASUS is reportedly making the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch yet
    If the first crop of Android Wear smartwatches falls just outside of your price range, don’t fret — ASUS may soon come to your rescue. TechCrunch claims that the Taiwanese firm is developing Google-powered wristwear with a target price between $99…

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