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  • Razer's Junglecat looks like an Xperia Play gamepad for the iPhone
    Apple’s iOS gamepad protocols have spawned some solid mobile button solutions, but they all have the same fundamental problem: portability. The appeal of mobile games is mobility — it’s not fun to lug around a spare controller on the off chance you…
  • Touch-enabled Office app could be headed to Android ahead of Windows
    Microsoft has been quite overt with its mobile-minded strategy, and now it seems a touch-friendly version of Office is headed to Android next — before it arrives on Windows 8. ZDNet reports the productivity suite will outfit Google’s OS ahead of…
  • AirPlay on iOS 8 doesn't need a network to stream your media
    Right now, Apple’s AirPlay media streaming requires an established WiFi network to fly. That’s fine when you’re at home, but do you really want to ask for a friend’s hotspot password just to show vacation photos on their Apple TV? Mercifully, iOS 8…
  • ASUS' new external Blu-ray drive does 7.1 audio at a fair price
    While ASUS continues to impress us with a slew of PCs and mobile devices at Computex, let’s not forget that it still makes some nice peripherals. One thing that surprised us at the ASUS booth was a pretty external Blu-ray drive aimed at audio buffs….

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