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  • Surprise: Tobacco could eventually lead to new cancer treatment
    When tobacco and cancer are used in the same sentence, the word “cause” usually goes in between. That’s why a new research from La Trobe University in Australia could confuse some folks — after all, the researchers discovered that tobacco could…
  • Google reportedly looking to simplify home entertainment with Android TV
    Google has been edging away from the original Google TV concept for a while, but it now looks like the company is ready to make a sharper break from its past. The Verge claims to have documents revealing a new Android TV release with a more…
  • Here's what you missed at Microsoft's 2014 Build conference
    We came, we saw, we barked orders into a phone. Though Microsoft’s annual developer conference is technically called “Build Windows,” we actually spent far more time at this year’s event playing with handsets — almost no PCs, come to think of it….
  • Wilson introduces what could be the basketball of the future
    Ahead of the NCAA men’s Final Four, which takes place today and you can watch via March Madness Live 2014 or on TV, sporting goods maker Wilson has revealed its new, smart basketball. Due to launch this winter (around the holiday season, we’re told),…

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