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  • Stephen Colbert's Cloud Fog: 'part cloud, part fog, all security'
    Stephen Colbert has a lot to say about online privacy, Edward Snowden and the NSA, and he shared his thoughts Friday evening at an Internet security conference in San Francisco. Privacy advocates had implored Colbert to skip the event, which was…
  • Switched On: Understanding crowdfunding's caveats, part 2
    Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

    The last Switched On discussed how many of the Risks and Challenges sections of Kickstarter campaigns fail to portray an accurate picture of what might go wrong….

  • Up, up and down: The ephemerality and reality of the jetpack
    Welcome to Time Machines, where we offer up a selection of mechanical oddities, milestone gadgets and unique inventions to test out your tech-history skills.

    Born out of sci-fi cinema, pulp literature and a general lust for launching ourselves…

  • HTC shutting down its Watch movie service in the UK
    When HTC pulled the plug on its Watch service in a number of European countries last year, it told us that it was merely streamlining its efforts, and that movie rentals and purchases would continue to be offered in places with the “highest…

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