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  • Mobile World Congress in 14 lines
    In Barcelona we all tried to thrive
    And strove to not imbibe too many beers
    When Samsung trotted out the GS5
    Then shortly after highlighted new Gears.

    Mozilla’s and Ubuntu’s phones seemed cheap,
    Along with some of Waterloo’s new wares,
    But Sony’s…

  • Nintendo 64 mod promises HDMI output, soldering burns
    If you have a Nintendo 64 kicking around, it’s probably not hooked up to your television. It’s not that you don’t love the classic console, it’s just that many modern sets don’t support the machine’s archaic video cables. Don’t worry, it can be…
  • Mobile World Congress 2014 report card: who made the grade?
    Now that Mobile World Congress is behind us and we’ve left the sunny Mediterranean to go back to our rainy or snowy abodes, it’s time to reflect on the show that was. We walked through miles and miles of hallways and battled thousands of roller bags…
  • Why did Samsung play it safe with the Galaxy S5's processor?
    Of all the phone manufacturers out there, Samsung seems to have a particular talent for creating an anticlimax. Our first thought when holding the Galaxy S5 was that we’d been through all this before a year ago, with the equally underwhelming launch…

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