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  • New PlayStation Vita coming to North America this Spring
    Thinking of coughing up your tax return to import one of those new, slimmer PlayStation Vitas? Hold up: Sony just announced that the revised handheld will see a North American release soon. The announcement was made at


  • Intel's new low-power graphics could boost battery life in your next laptop
    Graphics hardware can rapidly drain a laptop’s battery — there’s a good reason why many Ultrabooks ship with nothing more than basic integrated video. If Intel brings a new low-power graphics core to market, though, high-performance visuals and long…
  • iTunes Radio starts streaming in Australia
    We’ve seen quite a few hints that iTunes Radio would soon be available outside of the US, and it’s now clear that there was something to all those clues: the music service is now available in Australia. Listeners on the island nation can get the same…
  • Bing now shows how much your Bitcoin is worth in other currencies
    While some may be opposed to the idea of Bitcoin, others are doing all they can to adjust to the recent digital currency rush. Today, Bing, in partnership with Coinbase, announced it has added support for Bitcoin within its currency conversion tools….

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